Subscription Management 

  • Renewals | Payments |Notices

USS Circulation subscription management allows you and your staff to more efficiently monitor  and develop your subscription base. Automatic renewals or manual renewals with grace periods, ensure the subscribers have continual delivery of their paper.

USS Circulation provides the ability to receive and track credit card, ACH, and cash payments with secure payment processing.

 Reoccurring Billing

  • Automated Subscription Payments

With USS Circulation its never been easier to set your subscribers up with the convenience of automated payments. Subscribers with auto pay are are proven to be long term subscribers.

 Remote Access

  • Web-based Customer Portal

Supported Web Browsers

  Internet+Explorer+logo   Safari-logo

USS Circulation offers its customers a web-based  customer portal. This gives you and  your staff the flexibility to work from anywhere there is an internet connection.  USS Circulation is supported on both Internet Explorer 11® and Safari®. These two options allow for access by a PC or Mac.

Postal Savings

  • Updated USPS |Databases | Presorting | Address Standardization

USS Circulation uses mail manager software to navigate through  USPS® regulations to provide dependable mail processing while delivering mailing efficiency. Presorting and address standardization  allows for greater postal savings.

Need renewal postcards produced and mailed? We can help with that. Our team would be delighted to discuss this option with you.

 Customer Service

  • Live Customer Support Mon-Fri 9 AM to 6 PM EST.

Our customer support team will ensure that your experience with USS Circulation is seamless. Live customer support allows for instant help with a knowledgeable team member. With over 35 years of IT support for over 40 publications and software development, our team has the proven capability  to quickly resolve any concern.

USS Circulation can be customized to your publication’s needs beyond our standard edition. Please contact our team for more information.

Management Reports

  • Subscription/Expiration | Subscription Receipt Report |System Log |Rate Codes | Account Summary

USS Circulation gives your team the ability to run detailed reports from account summaries to complete subscribers list. These reports are sure to make managing your circulation a breeze.

Newspaper Sampling

With USS Circulation’s integrated sampling, your reach  to potential subscribers increases significantly. At the click of a button, a list of  inactive customers  from your database is compiled and the potential subscribers will  receive a four week sample subscription. During this time a renewal notice can be generated and  sent with the opportunity to convert these into new subscribers.